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Complete Wellness Acupuncture

This includes an Acupuncture Treatment and Complete Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Assessment. We discuss your whole body including sleep, stress, digestion, areas of pain, diagnosed diseases/disorders. This includes Traditional Chinese Medicine Tongue Analysis and Pulse Diagnosis. Cupping or Gua Sha Therapy might be done if needed.

New Patient - 75 minutes to 2 hours - $125

Established Patient - 60 minutes - $75

Zen Acupunc​ture

This is a balancing treatment for relaxation and stress reduction. Ear, Scalp, Arm and Leg Points are used during this treatment.  This is a great treatment for everyday stress, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, and also for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as the famous Auricular (Ear) Points for PTSD are often incorporated into this treatment.  This is also a good treatment for people who have always wanted to try Acupuncture or are wanting to stay on track with weight loss or quitting smoking. I also offer a Facial and Zen Acupuncture Combo treatment which is a shorter version of this treatment but the combo treatment isn't specifically tailored to you.  I use the same points on everyone for the combo treatment.   See my skincare menu for details.  

New Patient - 60 -  75 minutes - $75

Established Patient - 45 - 60 minutes - $75

Focused Acupuncture

This treatment is for patients who would like a treatment addressing 1 area of pain.  Examples of 1 area of pain would be your back or neck or 1 shoulder or 1 ankle.  If you have more than 1 area of pain or migraines then please book the Complete Wellness Acupuncture Treatment. Cupping or Gua Sha Therapy might be done if needed.  

New Patient - 60 - 90 minutes - $75

Established Patient - 60 minutes  - $75

Cupping & Gua Sha Therapy

Cupping and Gua Sha Therapy reduce muscle pain and tension by increasing circulation and blood flow to superficial muscle layers. No Acupuncture needles are used.  

Added to Acupuncture Treatment - Free

Stand Alone Treatment - $40

There is a $8-15 fee for the cups which you will take home with you and bring back for your next cupping session.  

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